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The Mindful Boneless Wings

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Could our mindful boneless wings be any source of savouriness We serve boneless wings that are healthier and better than the real ones because we don't use fat oil. The wings are therefore less fattening and more calorie-free. Perfect for vegetarians because they are made of hygienic and natural food, these boneless wings are an excellent source of calories. Those delicious snacks are available for you to enjoy.


Ingredients are 100% natural, so no preservatives are used! This product contains Soy flour, Cayenne Pepper, Crumbs, Soy Sauce, and some cool seasoning. In addition to being non-allergenic, low in cholesterol, and low in trans fats, it is also great for digestion so vegetarians can also have a taste of chicken.

Package Includes: Crumbed crispy chicken wings made with "soy-makers" and poultry seasoning. Total weight: 200g

Key Features:

  • Low fat and easy digest
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • No Preservatives and healthy wings
  • Excellent source of calories

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